Is The Group Feeling More Like A Graveyard Than A Thriving Community? Ready To Revive It & KEEP IT Alive This Time Without Wasting Time Or Getting Crickets?
Introducing... The "Group Revival Masterclass!"

+ "FB Group Power Up Pack Bundle!"

By Arne Giske 
There are TWO types of Facebook group owners. Those who have a thriving community, and those who post to a barren wasteland.

The problem is - failed group owner's can't pinpoint where they went wrong, and how they could've done it right the first time...
Groups die all the time... that doesn't mean it has to happen though! 
Signup For The Masterclass & Get:

1. The Proven Principles Of Group Revival

Step by step action plan to turn a dead or disengaged group back into a lively community fast and get it producing new leads & clients again!

2. 30 Day Fill-In-The-Blank Content Calendar

Get clear on the content you need to create, how often to post, and how to make it 100x easier to come up with content ideas and get them published fast without overthinking (or spending a ton of time editing!)

3. Group Authority & Branding Workbook

Brand or re-brand the community to wake up the members so THEY post more too, and keep them engaged to always reach them! 

4. Ideal Client Attraction Recipes

Get clear on WHO the group is for to update the messaging to attract more ideal people, and repel non-ideal people!

BONUS: Sales funnel templates ($497 value)

Turn members into subscribers, and subscribers into customers faster.
> Masterclass funnel (kinda like this one!) 
> Optin > Upsell funnel (Turn subscribers into customers) 
> Waitlist funnel (For lead generation before you put an offer out)
> Application funnel (For high ticket/services & increasing sales)

BONUS "Steal My Posts" ($297 value)

Get a collection of group growth and lead gen FB post templates you can quickly customize them without having to start from scratch! 

BONUS: Low Ticket Course SOPs ($997 value)

Ever wondered how to turn an idea into a low ticket product to sell for $27-$97? I created a campaign plan, funnel, and copy template to use. Shows every step of the way from idea > validation > sales > delivery! 

BONUS PR Profits Workshop ($97 value)

Land high profile media appearances without pitching and without hiring an expensive PR agency! Become a media magnet with this step by step workshop. 

BONUS: Influencer Secrets Masterclass ($97 value)

Ever wonder how the top people in the industry got there? They're well connected, everyone refers them, and they have TRUE influence. This workshop shows the behind the scenes activities that top influencers do every day, that no one else is talking about. 
 TOTAL Value Over $1,985! ONE TIME Cost of just $97! 
    Class Details & How To Get Access After Signing Up:

    > You get lifetime access to the recording, the bonus trainings, and the templates.

    > You'll have the TOP strategies  needed to revive a group and THEN some with all these bonuses! See you in there! - Arne
    Still on the fence? C'mon, it's just $97! Read some reviews from people who took the Masterclass, loved it, and got huge results!
    "The last 2-3 months I got distracted and I could feel my group was running out of energy and focus. When I saw Arne's course and the price it was a no brainer."
    "I'm feeling extremely confident and extremely excited to bring what I have learned in my group."
    " I was under the impression that as a Social Media Manager I knew everything, but after I joined Group Revival Marketing Class I realized how much I was missing"

    Why Is This Masterclass NECESSARY Right Now?

    Yo! Arne Giske here, founder of Groups For Profit and I'm excited to be hosting this Group Revival Masterclass!

    For less than the cost of a dinner out with friends & family,  get to learn how to breathe the life back into a community that NEEDS  help, leadership, guidance, and wants to PAY for all that! Sound fair?

    Listen... I've trained over 25,000 people how to grow & monetize groups - and the FIRST thing I always do with clients is to check out how we can maximize their Facebook group. When the group is hot and active, that breeds a pool of raving fans that know, like, trust, and consistently buy. 

    However... if the group is dead, not engaging, and not full of great content - those ideal members lurking in there are busy hanging out and getting value from the COMPETITOR'S groups! Guess who they're choosing to work with?

    Yep, the competitors. They choose the competitors because of the value, engagement, community, and content they get from other people in your space. Relevancy, trust, authority, engagement, and relationship building leads to SALES.

    If there's room to improve  the current levels of engagement and KNOW there's potential for you to be getting more leads, engagement, audience growth, and clients out of your group - don't miss this masterclass.

    Signup and get all those bonus goodies to revitalize the group and make the most of it - or keep sitting on a pot of gold, staring at it and letting days pass while thinking "maybe I should do something with this group" but never do...

    The longer people wait, the more their groups become a ghost town, hurt even more by the evil algorithms...

    Let's cut the crap, cut the excuses, and give a step by step plan to getting the group back on track NOW - Arne Giske 
    "Just for the content calendar alone it's worth getting the masterclass itself. Having that for inspiration of what to post and when to post and how to niche down and get the right people in your group is massive incentive."
    "45 minutes into this thing and I'm learning principles and practices that had I known these 2.5 years ago I would be so much further. And I'm only 45 minutes into it"
    "I did Arne's Group Revival Masterclass, and I'm not one to try to get roped into too many shiny objects but I'll tell you what... this class has already increased the engagement in my group!"
    "I really cannot wait to implement all of the steps I have learned from you. The content was so great, it was so consise."
    "I feel like I got so much value out of this one masterclass, that my mind was blown. I'm furiously writing notes! If you've been considering it, and you're wondering if its for you... it probably is! I'm gonna go watch it again!"
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